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Soriano Handyman & Construction, LLC.

My name is Angel Soriano and I am the owner of Soriano Handyman & Construction, LLC, formally known as Soriano Handyman Service, LLC.  Recently as my family has grown, so has our family company.

As a family and business owner, we always work together to do the best we can at what we do, everywhere we go.

I moved to Minnesota from Los Angeles about 9 years ago. During my time in L.A, I managed 130 apartment units, in the heart of Hollywood.  I quickly became acquainted with home repairs and maintenance work for my job and found out I really enjoyed helping tenants fix things around their apartments.

When I first came to Minnesota, I started my handyman business, working only in the evenings and on the weekends.  I then got certified through EPA for painting as well as mold removal.  Over the last five years our customer base has grown tremendously as well as our knowledge.  

Since January 2018 we have gained the MN Contractor License, allowing us to do a variety of work around the Minnesota area. I am honored by customers who refer our business to their family, friends and neighbors.


I am very proud of our team because we work hard, we are detailed oriented, and we always make sure we leave our customers happy.  

Let us help you with your next project!

Angel Soriano ~ Owner

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